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For Individuals

Do you have trouble getting meals throughout the day whether it be caused by disability, lack of time, or lack of control when it comes to deciding what to buy? We want to help you get the proper meals to your doorstep. Home delivered meals help to eliminate impulse junk food buys. Our meals are made with a limited amount of processed ingredients and can stay safely in their refrigerator until the marked date, or can be frozen if needed. Simply microwave our food for 2 minutes or less for a delicious homemade meal.


We are different from our competitors such as Meals On Wheels. With us, you get to choose what meals you would like. We deliver once a week so meals are available anytime in your refrigerator.  


No matter your reason for needing our services, we are committed to helping you in every step of the process. We are a family here at Wolcott Foods and express that through the quality of our food and service. If you have questions, suggestions, or comments, we want to hear them. Please call our office Monday - Friday between 9 am and 3 pm to speak with a member of our office staff.


KanCare Info

We are a provider for home-delivered meals for Medicaid clients with United, Sunflower, and AETNA. We deliver meals personally instead of sending frozen processed food in the mail. Call us with your clients Medicaid ID & we’ll check to see if they are eligible for FREE Medicaid meals.


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