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Diabetic/Heart Healthy Menu

Coming in the Winter of 2018, we are proud to announce a new menu!


You can expect: 500-600 calories per meal, 45-60 carbs per meal, 500-600mg sodium per meal (no salt added), and everything cooked with unsaturated fats.

Grilled Chicken Breast.JPG

Who can benefit from this?​

Current clients, as well as new clients, are able to sign up to order from this new menu. Clients may either choose to order from our new diabetic/heart healthy menu, or choose from our homestyle menu. The two menus cannot be used in conjunction with one another due to delivery dates.

All of our meals are dietician approved and chef prepared with diabetics and healthy living in mind. 

If you currently order from our homestyle menu and are interested, we can switch you to our new menu quickly and easily as soon as it becomes available. Some changes are to be expected with switching to the new menu. For instance, with our homestyle menu we currently deliver on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Our diabetic/heart healthy menu will be delivered on Fridays.

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