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Diabetes & Viet Nam Veterans

If you were on the ground in Viet Nam during the war & you now have Diabetes, you are eligible to apply for a VA disability of about $3000 a year. You wouldn’t be alone. It’s estimated that about 25% of Viet Nam Vets with diabetes presumably got it from exposure to Agent Orange. The VA compensates more Viet Nam vets for Diabetes than any other claims during that war including PTSD & wounds.

The requirements are simple, you had to be in Viet Nam between Jan. 1st, 1962 & May 7th 1975, you have been diagnosed with adult onset Diabetes, be honorably discharged, & you must be able to prove these 3 requirements. Traditionally you would get automatic approval.

As a Viet Nam vet with Diabetes, I have been getting benefits for several years. The process takes about 1 year. You can search the net for more information, but, I found the easiest way was to go to any VA Medical Center or Regional Office & ask for help. The VFW at the Leavenworth VA helped me. They took care of the paperwork & applied for my benefits. The benefits were back dated to the day I applied. It was worth the time & effort for me.

TIP: you may also check on other medical conditions that the VA compensates Viet Nam vets for. Example; Diabetes can cause blood pressure issues, Erectile dysfunction, neuropathy & cataracts. About 80,000 VN vets get compensated for hearing loss. It never hurts to ask.

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