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Puppy Pawty

Here at Wolcott Foods, we love animals just as much as we love people. On September 20th, 2018 we were proud to sponsor a dog photoshoot at a local apartment complex. For no charge, a photographer snapped awesome shots of the furry tenants and their owners.

We had a great turnout, and it was a lot of fun! We had a great time munching on snacks, chatting amongst each other, and of course getting to meet and take pictures of all the adorable dogs!

This event would not have been a success if it were not for our participants! We want to thank everyone for coming out, and choosing to spend a little chunk of their day with us!

Here at Wolcott Foods, we love to get involved in our community in every way that we can! You can expect a lot more involvement in the future to come, but we are keeping some secrets. Stay tuned!

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