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When you need weekly, homemade individual meals that are inexpensive, convenient, microwaveable, made with limited processed foods, and are delivered, call Wolcott Foods!

Private Pay

Our Private Pay program is available to anyone as a pay-as-you-go meal delivery. Order via email or on the phone and receive your meals on the specified delivery days. Perfect for the anyone needing lunch on a workday, a college student needing an easy dinner, and everything in between.


We are a licensed provider of home delivered meals for Kansas Medicaid. If you, a family member, or client has a HCBS Physical Disability (PD) or (TBI) Traumatic Brain Injury waiver, that person may qualify for free (HDM) Home Delivered Meals meals.

We are providers for Sunflower, United, & Aetna Health Care plans.

If you have Medicaid, your first step is to determine if you are eligible. Call us with your name, birth date, Medicaid ID number, and a good contact phone number. We will check with the state to see if you qualify and call you with the results. If you are eligible your case manager will have to authorize delivery and will schedule you to be delivered 7-14 meals/week. We will call you for your first order & give you a new menu for the following week with each delivery.  All meals are clearly marked with an eat or freeze by date.

Working Healthy

Working Healthy offers people with disabilities who are working or interested in working the opportunity to get or keep Medicaid coverage while on the job. Through Working Healthy people can earn more and still maintain their health coverage.  This is very similar to the Medicaid HDM program except clients cannot be on the HCBS waiver program. Your clients would need to be determined as physically disabled by Social Security and contact a Benefits Specialist to determine eligibility.

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